Maximum Value

March 31, 2001 by Ryan Galloway

I need a session to remain active for 1hour but found I could not use a value above 1450 or there abouts which would translate to only 25mins max.  If i used larger values, the page returns an error when requested from server (iis 5).

Also, a while back when I asked the MM newsgroup how long the value was, I was told session.timeout = "30" ment 30 minutes no 30 seconds. I take it I was mis-informed?

RE: Maximum Value

March 31, 2001 by George Petrov


I think you are confisung two different options here. We are talking about ScriptTimeout and you are talking about Session Timeout.

  • ScriptTimeout is the value in seconds that the current asp page is allowed to run (see the Server.Timeout docs)
  • Session Timeout is the value in minutes that the Session object exists in the whole user session - during the time when he access all asp pages. This is important if you use any Session variables (see the Session Timeout Docs)

The Session Timeout does not effect the upload timeout in any way.

I get the ASP Timout Error when I try to reload/refresh the page

November 1, 2001 by Karthik Rajan
Can some body help?

Users automatically log off after some time while inserting a record

February 18, 2002 by Sander van Aalst

I doon't know if this is the same, but anyway. Users need to log on to my page. But when they insert a record, and if this takes a while (to fill in everything) they will get a message that they are not logged on. So my guess is that there's there must be something somewhere that you can change so that they can stay logged in for unlimited time.. Can someone help me with this?

Sander van Aalst (NED)

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