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A more detailed overview of the features

In this article you'll see a more detailed overview of the features, which are included in the DMXzone Server Connect. From its action builder to its action executor, it's all done visually. So make sure to check out the list of amazing functionality. 


Action builder

Server Connect action files

List of all the available Server Connect action files for the current website in Dreamweaver. Action files can be organized in folders for logical hierarchy.

Server Connect action steps

A list of Action Steps that are executed when the Action is ran. Some other things that are available here are global input variables for Server Side Data Bindings and a full drag & drop so users can easily reorganize the order of the Action Steps.

Property inspector

A Property Inspector for each Action Step that provides access to the specific action step properties. Fields often contain value pickers for easy file access and reference to other steps or data.

Server Actions workflow and its JSON representation

Available actions

Global input variables

Here you can define any input data that is required for this Action Steps workflow. You can either manually define the variables or bind to a separate page containing regular HTML form.

Execution steps list

It defines the execution flow of the whole Server Connect Action. You can use many different types of actions. From Repeaters that execute multiple actions and repeat execution, conditional actions, to specific database actions, such as a query or update of databases.

Conditional action

With the Conditional Action step you can choose a specific expression that will be evaluated. Depending on the result, the flow of actions will go to the then or else branch. Note that all expressions follow the JavaScript dot syntax and should also be placed within the {{…}} tags to be marked as expressions. Also next to the global input variables placed under $_GET or $_POST each step can produce its own data that can be referenced in later steps.

Set value action

You can manually create a variable by assigning it a value with the Set Value step.

Action executor

Executing the DMXzone Server Connect Action workflow

You can easily execute the defined Server Connect Action through Ajax by using the DMXzone Server Action Executor command in Dreamweaver. You can also define when the Server Connect Action should be executed and what data it should receive. Usually, the executor is bound to a form and its data is then submitted. Additional data can also be specified.

DMXzone Behavior Connector

ire an event before an action is executed, thanks to the great integration with DMXzone Behavior Connector.

Database Connector and Updater integration

The database connectivity is done by the DMXzone Database Connector and the DMXzone Database Updater for cross database compatibility. Those two extensions integrate nicely in the DMXzone Server Connect. Defining a database connection is easy with the DMXzone Database Connector Connection Builder. It supports a wide range of well-known databases on both ASP and PHP server platforms.

Built-in connection wizard

t lets you define and manage your connections to all well-known databases. It is possible to choose from ready to go connections for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access and many others.

Database source query builder

The DMXzone Database Connector also includes an amazing Database Source Query Builder that will allow you to build fully visual an advanced query on your database source without any SQL knowledge. It even supports advanced filtering and SQL JOINs options and lets you directly view and test your database.

Database updater action builder

The Database Updater Action Builder lets you visually define any database update action. Database actions are executed by the so called Database Action Executors fully thought AJAX, without any page refresh!

Updating multiple records

With DMXzone Server Connect support for multi records forms, now you can process those forms so you can have your own mass update of more than one record. Click the image for larger preview.

HTML5 Data Bindings integration

Floating panel

All the client side data can be easily browsed by the dedicated HTML5 Data Bindings floating panel. All used Server Connect Action Executors are also listed there.

Support for nested database queries

Now thanks to DMXzone Server Connect you can execute multiple nested queries and return their result at once.

Support for multi records forms

Now with the new HTML5 Data Bindings you can have dynamic forms with multiple repeating elements that will be submitted as multi record form to the DMXzone Server Connect Action handler. Click the image for larger preview.

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