Free extension updated; Google Sitemap Generator!

June 30, 2005

Our generous CEO released an update for our newest free extension Google Sitemap Generator!

Release information for update version 1.0.2

* Fixed a bug causing loops in Dreamweaver
* Fixed the date notation to the Google standard
* Fixed month notation error

About the extension
No more tedious sessions of filling in your links for Google's Sitemap generator, all is done automatically via Dreamweaver! This command will generate an XML sitemap of your whole site that you can submit to Google for better indexing.

The extension features:

  • integrates a link crawler so that all files starting from the selected home page are indexed
  • based on how many times a file is being linked to a priority is determined
  • generates the Google xml sitemap in your siteroot as sitemap.xml

For more information about Google Sitemaps see

Download the new update >>