We thought you’d like some hot topics for these cold winter months so we took our most popular articles and lined them up for this month’s edition.

We’ll show you how to create menus for your websites and applications. We start of with an article on how to create a simple DHTML Flyout menu. Then we move on to drop down menus with standards where we show you how to create efficient code using the DOM and CSS.

After that we’ll move on to Flash and show you how to create a menu bar in Flash. And we’ll take you through the gentle art of creating popup menus in Flash. We’ll not only look at how you can build static menus for your common tasks, but how to build the menu dynamically from an XML document. Both articles use the components in Flash to provide a quick and easy way to add your navigation.

Our second theme gets you started with ColdFusion. First we explain how to install ColdFusion and give you advice on basic testing by creating a sample page with basic tags and functions. After that we’re going to show you how to setup up a database for and how to query that database to display data. 

Next to a treasure of tutorials and information we have a great interview with interactive motion Guru Craig Swann.

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