DMXzone Google Charts Released

April 23, 2008
Visualize your data in minutes with beautiful 2D and 3D charts. DMXzone Google Charts makes creating graphs easier then ever, all directly in Dreamweaver!

You might have seen the power of Google Charts, but how about a visual editing that includes dragging points and values in Dreamweaver.

Use a visual interface to change your data real-time. The combination of drag and drop functionality and realtime calculations makes it the application you’ve been waiting for — and already know how to use. A great number of visual effects and predefined chart types, flexible chart components selection and on-screen real-time chart visualization make DMXzone Google Charts a delightful experience.

Innovative, powerful, and intuitive, DMXzone Google Charts will let you do everything from setting up professionally looking presentations, business and scientific reports that can be easily integrated into your website.