Smart Mailer ASP/PHP Dreamweaver Extensions Improved

November 22, 2010

Quick and easy, great looking HTML Mails in ASP or PHP!

Today, we start our Server Side week for those of you that are interested in mailing, exporting, validating and more. Our first two extensions on the line are Smart Mailer PHP and Smart Mailer ASP, which have been improved with support for different port number in template and updated mail progress bar.

The Story

If you're not familiar with the Smart Mailers, here you can learn something about them.

About the Smart Mailer:

You can offer your clients the ability to send HTML mails based on a template (either on your machine or at a URL), each personalized with the recipient's name. You can add attachments to everyone, or a group of people, there's progress bars while you're sending them - all this in an external PHP include file, so just a couple of lines on your page.

There are ASP and PHP versions of the Smart Mailer, available for purchase in our Extensions section.

Features Highlights:

  • Full international characters support
    Now you can select the language character set you are using and the mail headers and body will be fully encoded so that every mail client will be able to read you language the way it should!

  • Generates fully MHTML compatible mails with the images included or linked to the web
    You can send mail with the images included in the mail so the mail can be read offline, or create links to images hosted on the internet somewhere.

  • Send to single or multiple users
    You can easily choose to send a mail to one person, send CC's or BCC's, or multiple recipients from a recordset.

  • Use cool real-time Flash progress bars when sending bulk mail
    When sending mail to multiple recipients you can choose to show a real time progress bar that follows the progress of the mail being send.

  • Fully personalize your mails so that they include personal information
    You can include dynamic data to personalize the mail, form variables for example.

  • Use any URL as template for the mail body!
    This way you can send for example
    personalized invoices and still have them available on the web as well!


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