Universal Form Validator ASP Update

November 24, 2010

More Updates For Swiss Knife Form Validation

Another major extension has been updated on behalf of the Server Side week. The Universal Form Validator ASP comes packed with some great improvements. If you have the extension you can download the latest version for free.

The Story

What's New in Universal Form Validator ASP 1.5.6

  • Improved IE tooltips layout
  • Fixed rage condition to save both values
  • Fixed custom message enabler on inspect
  • Improved depended files copy mechanism

About the Universal Form Validator

Add Swiss Knife Form Validation to your forms in Dreamweaver with the Universal Form Validator ASP! Choose from many predefined validation rules like url, e-mail, dates, credit cards and ranges, apply conditional validation and even Ajax style inline validation! The validation errors and hints can be displayed in great tooltips and input masking can be applied. All fully customizable to your layout and needs! The user input is validated both client as well as server side.

There is also a PHP version of the Universal Form Validator if you're interested in.

Features Highlights:

  • Rich set of validation rules, like e-mail address, url, date, numbers, ranges, credit cards and much more!
  • Add client as well server side validation
  • Use inline Ajax validation - so you can check if a field value exists or not in your database, before the form is submitted
  • Customize error appearances - set style for the message text,  borders, error icon
  • Choose from several error reporting styles
  • Conditional validation - so a validation is executed only when a specific condition is valid.
  • Conditional Show/Hide - you can show or hide specific parts of the form based on condition
  • Display standard localized or custom error messages
  • Cool tooltip designs - choose from many predefined designs with rounded corners, shading and text balloon style! Add a stylish icon and customize the tooltips as you wish!


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