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December 1, 2010

What you need to know about the 960 Grid System

Linda Goin never thought she'd live long enough to see a magazine layout applied to Web design but this week she talks about the 960 Grid system! Also, we have a new updated version of our free Dreamweaver extension, which has improved design view display of the grid in older (pre CS5) Dreamweaver versions.

The Story

Excerpt from the Article:

"Sometimes, when I write articles about Web design, I feel very, very old – almost as old as a cave painting.
Back when I was a production manager for a business magazine on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi, I was using wax and linotype. That was well before computers. Then, we were grilled on the grid – the layout that made sense for newspaper, magazines and any other print medium.

But, with computers came layout software, and the learning curve was excruciating. Still, it was better to learn the software than lose your job to someone younger (and who would cost less to the boss). I think I was about age 35 at the time. I would have lost my job to a nineteen-year-old with pimples on his or her face."

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About the Extension:

With the 960 Grid System Dreamweaver Extension you can quick and easy add a 960 CSS Grid for most flexible web site design! Just add as many rows and cells as you need for your header, content, sidebars or footer. The extension gives you the tools to add new CSS Grid Cells, increase or decrease their size, split or join cells and much more with just a single action click. All the counting of grid cell sizes and placement, that is needed for the 960 Grid System is done automatically for you!



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