DMXzone Releases its Universal CSS Transforms Library to Open Source

The power of the Universal CSS Transforms Library for jQuery

Universal CSS Transforms library has been used successfully in many DMXzone Dreamweaver Extensions like Advanced CSS Animator and Universal CSS Transforms effects. We thought it is time to do something good back to the jQuery community so we released the code as Open Source jQuery library. Now every jQuery user can profit from having Universal CSS Transformations and use those fully cross browser - all the jQuery way!

The Story

What is Universal CSS Transforms Library?

Universal CSS Transforms is designed to be as simple to use, as possible. It provides "native" support for those transform functions to jQuery. You can use any CSS Transform property defined in the CSS 2D Transform Module by W3C all the jQuery way:

$("#theimage").css({ "rotate": "+=30deg"});

 Or even animate it:

$("#theimage").animate({ "rotate": "+=30deg"});

It is all that easy! And it works even in IE6!

Check out the great article from Dan Wellman about its usage and read the only Universal CSS Transforms Documentation.

Check also this cool Image Viewer demo from Dan's article:


Who should use it?

People that are well familiar with jQuery and its usage.

Where to get it?

Just get the Universal CSS Transforms Library from GitHub


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