Add Advertising in Your Videos with HTML5 Video Player

February 25, 2011

Meet the Future of Advertising with a Video

We recently received many questions via e-mail, the Live Chat and the Support forums about the possibilities of adding commercial breaks in our newly released HTML5 Video Player. Today, we have an answer to your prayers, awesomely present in a cool demo.

The Story

Most of you are already familiar with our YouTube channel where we post every video, we create with the DMXzone extensions. To make them unique we've added an intro about us, which is a small commercial break before the actual video. In the demo below we will unveil how to do that with your Ads and videos.

Advertising in Your Video Playlist Demo

In the demo we simply added two separate videos in a playlist, the first containing our commercial and the second the actual video. Also from the HTML5 Video Player user interface you can forbid the navigation when your commercial runs, and let allow it on your actual video. Extremely easy to do in just few clicks in Dreamweaver.




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