Online Page Editor Add-on Use Cases

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Here are some interesting Use Cases to inspire you for your future projects to implement the Online Page Editor Add-on. There are many different ways to implement the extension and infinite use cases to think of, so proceed reading further.

The Story

Online Page Editor Use Cases

It is the perfect solution for your client who wants to edit his or her community, family or commercial website's static pages once in a while or on a regular base. We are going to release four new templates this week, so here´s a little preview from older examples, just so you know what to expect.

Vacation accommodation website

  • Let your end-user promote their accommodation in a simple way
  • The hotel, bungalow, penthouse had a rebuilding? Update the new pictures quick and easy

Vacation Template 

Sport community website

  • The Staff, coaches and players can update the latest statistics, scores and upcoming events
  • Let coaches keep their teammembers up to date with the latest developments


Portfolio website

  • Put your cool projects into your résumé
  • Very easy to update the progress
  • Keep your portfolio unique and organized


Store website

  • Every week a different product with special discount on the bargain page
  • Add or edit product information, every day
  • Give costumers a notice about the special buy events

What others think of the Page Editor

  • Mikael Sjörmark
    "I see a tremendous opportunity to offer my clients the possibility to edit content."
  • Richard VanGaasbeck
    "I think the Online Page Editor Add-on is awesome. It's the easiest to use extension yet. I have a number of sites that I plan to use this extension with.
  • Manuel Pinto
    "It's easy to install and configure the settings, simple but at same time powerful, and i can provide my clients a tool to update their pages by herself faster and in a simple way."
  • Giancarlo Barba
    "I have tried in some demo sites. Was great. In the future project low cost i can set my customers to edit our information."
  • Carsten Wickstrøm
    "I teach web design and Dreamweaver, and as ASP and database is a little too much for the students, the Page Editor Add-on a really good Extensions which I will show the students. Page Editor Add-on is easy to learn and so is a good price compared to Adobe Contribute."

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