Just a Single Developer License Valid for all your Websites!

No additional costs and Free Live Support

We regularly receive questions from our beloved users like 'how much do I have to pay extra for multiple installations?' or 'for how long is my extension valid for use, before I have to renew my license?'. Let us clear that out for you that you need only one single developer license for all your websites! This applies to all our Dreamweaver Extensions, with no additional costs and Free Live Support included. Yes, you can use it on your pc, laptop and your tablet as well, as long as you are the owner of a developer license!

The Story

Dreamweaver Extensions License FAQ

  • Q: Can I add an Extension to as many sites as I want?
    A: Yes as many sites as you wish, with a Developer License for you as Dreamweaver user.
  • Q: Where can I find more tutorials, demos and videos about the Extension?
    A: Each product page has its tab section loaded with many supporting videos and live demos.
  • Q: What about extensions updates?
    A: Extensions updates have always been free of charge and they'll remain so (valid for minor updates 1.x). You can subscribe to our Product Update, which you'll receive by e-mail once the update is released.
  • Q: Is the support free of charge?
    A: Yes, both the support forums and the Live Chat are free of charge for every extension owner.

Free Live Support for Everyone with a Developer License!

If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on the Free Live Support! In order to get a technical, sales or any kind of support you can use the support channels (9 a.m till 6 p.m European Time GMT+1)


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Rob NijkampHi, I am Rob and proudly introduce myself as the Marketing manager of Dynamic Zones International BV.

That means that I am responsible for all sort of things like professional news articles, world leading premium content, the outraging Dreamweaver extensions & web components and helpful tutorials for the DMXzone community.

It's a honor to have the opportunity to participate and bring the DMXzone community to a whole new and stronger level with more high quality and superb DMXzone content for our loyal members.

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