OSX Lion and Adobe Products? Here are some Things You Should Know!

OSX Lion Known Issues with Adobe products

Maybe you were planning to get on the OSX Lion Train? Before you hop on, check out the known issues when you work with Adobe Products. Adobe has posted a page on its website detailing issues found on its products running on Apple's newly released OSX Lion operating system. It covers the entire Product Family and that makes you think about switching over.

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Known Issues with Adobe products on Mac OS 10.7 Lion

Here are some regular issues related to all the Adobe-products:

  • Hidden Library folder - In Mac OS 10.7, Apple has made the user Library folder hidden. Preferences, presets, and other user customization settings are stored within this Library folder.
  • Java Runtime - Java Runtime needs to be installed manually, otherwise applications may behave inconsistently.
  • Crash Reporter - Illustrator CS5, Illustrator CS5.1, InDesign CS5.5: Crash reporter doesn’t appear or only appears after long delays (10-15min).
  • Scrolling behavior opposite of expected - In application scrolling may reach opposite of expected due to "Move content in direction of finger movement when scrolling or navigating" feature. To alter this behavior, deselect the feature at the top of the Mouse section within the System Preferences.
  • Rosetta support no longer included with Lion - CS2 or earlier versions of Adobe products required Rosetta to run on newer Intel based mac systems. These older versions will no longer be supported as Apple removed Rosetta support with the 10.7 release.
  • Mac OSX 10.7 New Features - Lion has some exciting new features such as Autosave, Restore, Versioning, Full Screen Mode, and more multi-touch gestures. Since many of these features require new code in order to work properly, Adobe will investigate which ones make sense to our customers for inclusion in future versions of our products. For additional information about the Restore functionality see the following document.
  • Windows Restoring - Mac OSX 10.7 preference to 'Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps' doesn't work with Adobe applications.
For specific product issues please check out Adobe's Full Issues Report.

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