Facebook Fan Page Features in Detail

Design and empower your Facebook Fan Pages in Dreamweaver

A day before the official release of Facebook Fan Page, we gathered the features included in this extension and here they are. This awesome tool will give you access to all the needed settings for Facebook pages, create your own pages directly in Dreamweaver with a real time preview, and add security to prevent from abuse.

The Story

  • App ID/ App Secret fields - Once you add your App ID/API key and the App secret codes, they will be added to your page code which you'll need upon linking it to Facebook.

  • Create new Facebook fan page - Included button to lead you directly to Facebook where you can create a new page.

  • Facebook page fans and non fans - With the help of the server behaviors you can select any region you want to be visible only for fans or non fans.


  • Integrated Dreamweaver design mode - As Facebook Fan Pages are restricted to specific size we have built in a great design mode preview in Dreamweaver, so you can see exactly what you are designing! 

  • Test runner - Test your page how it will look like locally, without the need to link and call them from Facebook, with the integrated Test runner.



  • Empower rich content - While designing your Facebook Fan Page in Dreamweaver, you can add any DMXzone extension such as galleries, players, etc. With the Facebook Fan Page, simply add it as a custom tab to your fan page.
  • Quick Access to Facebook pages - With a simple mouse click you can access your Facebook page settings and manage your tabs/apps.

  • Full support for ASP & PHP server models
  • Server check - We've added a Dreamweaver check to ensure that you use the extension on an ASP/PHP page.
  • Extensive Security - Your custom pages can be run only as Facebook Fan Pages from within Facebook. We have included heavy security checks to validate that and prevent abuse.

  • Great Dreamweaver integration - Interactive dialog in Dreamweaver with all the options you'll need.


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