DMXzone reCAPTCHA and Facebook Fan Page also for Dreamweaver 8

January 4, 2012 Source article

DMXzone reCAPTCHA and Facebook Toolkit with improved DW8 compatibility

Even though, officially, we do not support Dreamweaver 8, it turned out that many of our DMXzone friends are still using it. Therefor we have new versions of the DMXzone reCAPTCHA and Facebook Fan Page that already run smoothly also on DW8 along with DW CS+ versions. If you're a DW8 user and need to know whether a certain DMXzone extension works on it, please contact our Live Support during business hours and we'll let you know.

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About DMXzone reCAPTCHA:

Protect your site with CAPTCHA security by using the DMXzone reCAPTCHA Dreamweaver Extension without writing code! With just a few clicks in Dreamweaver, you can add it to any web form and prevent spam bots and automatically generated programs attacks. DMXzone reCAPTCHA empowers Google reCAPTCHA which is industry standard way for spam protection.

About Facebook Fan Page:

Design and manage stunning Facebook Fan Pages that will make your brand more competitive! Have you ever wanted to design and show special offers to your Facebook fans only? Now you can easily do that from within Dreamweaver with our Facebook Fan Page extension! It enables you to choose which regions of your page will be visible for fans and which for non fans.


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