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Learn how to use the new DMXzone support forums

In an effort to improve more and more our support system we're about to implement new forums to the DMXzone, which will be online pretty soon. In this blog post we'll guide you through the many useful options you can use in order to get a quick and efficient response to your question, suggestion or problem with any of our Dreamweaver extensions. You can search for an answer before posting a new topic, rate other users answers, confirm existing problem and many many more, so check them out!

The Story

  • This is how our new Support forums look like divided in 3 categories - FAQ (topics regarding the extension possibilities in general), Ideas (requested features) and Problems (bugs and problems with the extension).
  • You can search directly among the Forum topics or fill out the pre-post topic form.

  • In our new support forums, we made it possible to see if we already answered your question by filling out the Ask a question field. Also you can add a suggestion for features and report a problem with the extension.

  • If the suggested topics don't cover your question you can hit the "Nope. Finish posting my question" and it will lead you to the Post New Topic form.
  • In the New topic form you can extend your question with more details such as Dreamweaver version, extension version, code preview and many more. If you decided at some point that you placed your question in the wrong category, you can change that from the Type dropdown menu and select the correct one.
  • You're able to edit your submission at any later time or even delete it.


  • We have different statuses for the topics made by users - answered, under consideration and not a problem, to indicate the actions that have been taken. Answered means that in the topic there's a post that solves the issue, under consideration points out that DMXzone support team is investigating it, and Not a problem shows that the problem doesn't concern the extension but a problem with the user's settings/page, etc.


  • We also highlightened the official responses from the DMXzone Support crew in green so that in a quick overview of a large thread you'll be able to quickly find a solution if you have the same question. A copy of the official response will be right after the first topic post.


  • In yellow we will promote every useful post that needs your attention.


  • You can also help us rate the good posts by clicking the "Good answer!" button and once it reaches 3 stars we will promote it as well.
  • After you submit your question, the system searches through the DMXzone data base and if there are any matches you can see them below. In case you found a topic post that covers your question/issue you can use the "I have this problem, too!" button so that we can avoid duplicate topics. 

  • At a later point you can always change your mind and click "I don't have this problem!" button.
*Want to try it out? Hold your horses! It will be online in a few days!

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