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Our weekly summary in detail

If you missed us this week, this is the summary of the content, updates and more that we released during the last seven days. Along with the major updates of Advanced HTML Editor 3 and its Add-ons we also put them on sale with a great discount until next Wednesday. Also, you can check out the 24 CSS styles included in the upcoming release for DMXzone Tabs.

The Story

Extensions Updates

Advanced HTML Editor 3 & Add-ons Update for iDevices - The File Manager, Image Gallery, Picasa Gallery and YouTubizer Add-on are also improved to work with the Advanced HTML Editor 3.3.0

Setting Initial Date in the Updated DMXzone Calendar - The DMXzone Calendar 2 has been updated because of an installation bug.

Advanced HTML Editor 3 in Action on iPad and iPhone - Test the newly updated Advanced HTML 3 on your iPad/iPhone. ou can edit the text with all the available options, add new images from the existing gallery and do all of this on your iPad/iPhone. Make sure that your device should run iOS5+

Advanced HTML Editor 3 Comes for iPad and iPhone - We've included some screenshots to show you how it looks like on iDevices. 

Active Slideshow Pro 1.5.7 - The Active Slideshow Pro has been updated with improved streaming support for the newest Flash Players, improved installer for Dreamweaver CS5.5+ and more...

Premium Content Video

Setting Today's date as an Initial Date  - With this movie we will show you how to set today's date as an initial date in DMXzone Calendar 2.

Upcoming Release

DMXzone Tabs to be Released Soon - Our developers are currently working on a new Dreamweaver extension called DMXzone Tabs, which will allow you to divide your rich content into multiple sections/tabs and present it in 24 different CSS styles!

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