After Validation Go To Option and More in the Latest DMXzone reCAPTCHA

June 27, 2012

Check out what's new in the latest DMXzone reCAPTCHA

This week our DMXzone reCAPTCHA extension got updated and it comes with new "after validation, go to" option, "check empty" formatting function, improved compatibility with and Smart Mailer ASP/PHP and Universal Form Validator ASP/PHP and more...In the showcase below you can explore how to use the DMXzone reCAPTCHA in a simple online form.

For a limited time, until next week, you can get this extension and protect your site with 50% discount.

The Story

Surf School Online Booking Demo

For this demo we used DMXzone reCAPTCHA as a protection from spam of our online form.

What's New in DMXzone reCAPTCHA 1.1.0:

  • Improved integration with HTML Forms - now a form is always required
  • New "After Validation, Go To" option for supplied a follow up page
  • New "Check Empty" formatting function for PHP for easy form fields binding
  • Improved checks with Insert and Update Record Server Behaviors
  • Improved compatibility with Smart Mailer ASP/PHP and Universal Form Validator ASP/PHP
  • Improved installer for for DW CS 5.5+ and Mac DW CS6



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