DMXzone Timepicker Improved and on Sale

August 22, 2012

Check out what's new in the DMXzone Timepicker

Today our famous DMXzone Timepicker got updated. With the help of this crafty tool you can add time fields your web forms for better user experience. Some of the new improvements include updated jQuery code, added new Afrikaans translation and more. To show you what you can do with this extension we made another video for you. For a week you can get the DMXzone Timepicker with 50% off!

The Story

Using DMXzone Timepicker with Dynamic Data

With this movie we will show you how to use DMXzone Timepicker with dynamic data.

What's New in DMXzone Timepicker:

  • New Afrikaans translation added 
  • Timepicker jQuery code updated
  • Fixed dmxCalendarFormat function attributes when setting dynamic values for initial time, minimum time, maximum time and alternative field initial time
  • Added Time select dialog and dynamic select dialog to AltField Initial value


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