DMXzone Ajax Form Features Unveiled

See what we packed in our upcoming DMXzone Ajax Form tool

As we promised last Friday, today you can explore the features that our developers packed in the upcoming release for the DMXzone Ajax Form extension. Below you will find detailed information about each option and how to use it, well presented with screenshots.

Stay tuned for more insights regarding the DMXzone Ajax Form coming tomorrow and the official release on Wednesday!

The Story

DMXzone Ajax Form can be used for:
  • Ajax form submission - Submit any form through ajax and show custom success or failure area inline without any page refresh!

  • Index/detail page in one - Show a product detail page inline in the same page as the index!
  • Load dynamic galleries - Show an index of available galleries and load the chosen one inline!

  • Dynamic dependent drop downs or other content - Create a separate page with a drop down control that is filtered and loaded inline with DMXzone Ajax Form.
  • Fully editable status sections - You can choose between two predefined success and error messages that are shown upon form submission. Both can be customized through the CSS.
  • Set target - Do you want to display a custom content area of your page and not the default one? Just enter its selector and add it into the set target field, for example #my_content. 
  • Get response - Do you want to display only a specific part of the form submission output - choose the selector of the target element, for example #my_body.
  • On submit actions - You can choose whether to hide or clean the form after submission.

  • Specified action - Choose where to submit your form, on the same page or specify other by adding the url to it.
  • Choose form method - Choose how to send the data - as URL variables (with method="get") or as HTTP post transaction (with method="post"). The "get" method has a limit to how much data you can place in a URL (it varies between browsers, and also between servers). The "post" method requires more processing on the server but has no size limitation.

  • Pick up enctype method - The enctype attribute specifies how the form-data should be encoded when submitting it to the server (Note: The enctype attribute can be used only if method="post").

  • Pick up ID name - Change the name of your div to fit your needs.
  • Full support for the DMXzone Behavior Connector - You can bind other DMXzone extensions through the Behavior Connector. When a form is successfully submitted custom action behavior is triggered or other extensions are controlled. For example you can open the response in an Advanced Tooltips.
  • Fully controllable by behaviors  - Choose which element to submit your form and control different sections (Form, Error and Success) with one of the following actions - toggle, show and hide.
  • Great Dreamweaver design preview - You can preview your forms directly in Dreamweaver and see how they look like.


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