DMXzone Ajax Form Released With a Special Price

December 12, 2012

Today we are very happy to present our latest Dreamweaver extension - the DMXzone Ajax Form. Submit any form and retrieve the result on the same page quick and easy, enhancing the user experience. This amazing Dreamweaver extension relies on Ajax technology providing fast load for the response inside the current page without the need to refresh. Check out the demos and the video tutorials we made for you as well as the detailed manual.

For a week time the DMXzone Ajax Form is on a special price and you can get it for €29/$39.

The Story

Features Highlights

  • Ajax form submission - Submit any form through ajax and show custom success or failure area inline without any page refresh!
  • Index/detail page in one - Show a product detail page inline in the same page as the index!
  • Load dynamic galleries - Show an index of available galleries and load the chosen one inline!
  • Dynamic dependent drop downs or other content - Create a separate page with a drop down control that is filtered and loaded inline with DMXzone Ajax Form.
  • Fully editable status sections - You can choose between two predefined success and error messages that are shown upon form submission. Both can be customized through the CSS.

Profile Page Showcase

For this showcase we designed a profile/CV page with Ajax Upload Form, created with Pure ASP Upload 3 and DMXzone Ajax Form, where you can easily upload a profile picture, without the need to refresh it in order to preview the result.



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