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The waiting is over, now you can see what's inside our 5 Mystery Boxes for the day. As we mentioned yesterday, we are going to present a special Top 5 for you. So without further ado, DMXzone's Top 5 extensions from the Files and Folder processing section. Each one of these tools have proven itself through the years that it has the needed functions and options to be at maximum use for your needs. Below you will find more information about each one of them.

Until the end of today, all five extensions are with 50% discount!

The Story

Top 5 Files and Folder Processing extensions

  • This tool will allow you to create web pages containing list of files from your server folders. Make web photo albums on the fly, multi column thumbnail views. List a folder with files on your web page, list files in a table by selecting the number of records and columns to be displayed in a table and much more. 
  • Create web pages containing lists of files from your server folders. Specify any folder on the server as data source in Dreamweaver, list a folder with files on your web page. List only the thumbnails from a folder by selecting the thumbnail image from the datasource, create a navigation through multiple pages and more. 
  • Create cool listings like folders, categories and thumbnails with web 2.0 style icons. This extension offers fully Ajax driven folder listings of your server folders and files! Each new folder expansion is loaded dynamically with Ajax calls. The tool comes with an extensive collection of icons that are updated regularly. You can even apply your own style using your own images. 
  • This extension provides industry-standard Zip archive functionality. It is designed to be easy to use. You can pack/unpack a file or folder without a single line of code. If you need to create or extract Zip files automatically, this tool is for you. You can dynamically create custom zip files and offer them as a download, let the users select what they need to download and offer them for download in a zip file and more. 
  • Pack/unpack a file or folder without a single line of code. Use form fields to allow the user to select his/her own files to be compressed in a new zip file for direct download. You can even Zip a complete folder, for example, create a backup of your site. Extract files from an existing archive or compress files, allow your users to upload zip files and unzip them automatically on your server, protect the zipped file with passwords and more.

File Management Showcase

Check out this cool showcase and upload a zip file with images to add to the gallery. Pure ASP Upload 3 will upload the zip file with images, Zip Processor 3 ASP unzips the files, Smart Image Processor ASP 2 resizes them and File Genie ASP lists the files across several pages while sorting them by date.


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