Make Your Page More Interactive with Today's Top 5

Enhance the user experience and add rich audio and video content

To start this week, we made another amazing Top 5 for you - this time it's the Usability and Productivity category. It was hard picking up the top five, but we selected the extensions that we thought can help you the most in the process of creating your page and making it more interactive, with rich content and a lot of media both audio and video.

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The Story

Top 5 Usability and Productivity

This extension enables you to unleash the power of Google Maps in just a few clicks. Add markers to cities, addresses, businesses and events with info balloons on interactive, annotated maps and integrate them in your websites! Choose between roadmap, satellite, hybrid or terrain for your default opening maps, add info windows, street view. Full support for mobile devices and more.
Take advantage of the HTML5 capabilities when you want to put out a video on your page. Support for all HTML5 Video formats needed for the different browsers and support for iPad/iPhone. Choose from the many included  Video Player skins or customize them through the CSS. Create playlists, allow fullscreen, auto play and much more.
Design and manage stunning Facebook pages that will make your brand more competitive! With the help of the server behaviors you can select any region you want to be visible only for fans or non fans. Integrated Test runner to test your page without the need to link and call them from Facebook, full support for ASP & PHP server models and more.
This tool is built with CSS3 and takes full advantage of the new CSS3 properties to make great looking, image less, shadows. You can choose from several types of shadows such as curved, perspective, curled, lifted and raised. Set the side for the shadows, rotation degree and add an inset shadow and much more.
Enter the world of Cross Browser HTML5 Music! Add music and sound effects to any web page with a single click! Transform automatically all your mp3 links to player links and turn any page element to music controls! Choose from different player skins or customize them though the CSS. Great compatibility with iPad/iPhone and more.

Facebook Recipes Page Showcase

For this showcase we used the Facebook Fan Page to create a facebook page. On the top we have a menu made with the Universal CSS Navigation Menu. With the DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows we added different shadows effects: for the menu - raised with bottom direction and for the divs below lifted with left and right side.


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