Get the Best When it Comes To Presenting Your Images

Add awesome effects, animations and make a lasting impresion with your photos

So far this was the hardest Top 5 to make. In our Image Galleries, Photo Albums and Slideshows section we have so many top class extensions, but after long hours of sorting and analyzing, we came up with today's Top 5. Each one of them will help you create awesome image galleries with stunning effects, animations and make a lasting impression on your customers. 

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The Story

Top 5 Image Galleries, Photo Albums and Slideshows

Bring your photos to life in an awesome slideshow. The photo gallery is built with jQuery, is CSS based and uses HTML5 W3C standard elements like the Canvas and CSS3 Transitions, when available, for the highest animation quality and no Flash at all. Rich choice of slide transitions, cool looking navigation control, amazing Ken Burns moving effect and much more.

Present your images in a fantastic slider with the choice of 16 unique transition effects. Supplied with many awesome CSS skins and great looking navigation control. No more tweaking your images to have the right size and making thumbnails manually - the integrated DMXzone Resizer comes to the rescue and with a single click it slices all the images to the right size, generates large sizes to be shown and small cropped size for thumbnails.
Create an awesome fullscreen background slideshow that will convey the right message better than any text! Flexible background image positioning, cool looking navigation control, specify the duration of the slide and the transitions choose between different transition for your slides, which are fully cross browser compatible and even run on iPhone/iPad and much more. 

So you like the way iPad and iPhone work? Having great bouncing scrollable areas, minimalistic scrollbars, amazing sliding pages? Well you can have all that now on your regular browsers as well as touch devices with this extension. Show any content and organize it panels, adjust the appearance by speed, deceleration and interval, full support for gestures and page scrolling, pick one of 15 CSS design or custom them and more.
With this tool you can create a polaroid-like image galleries. It features CSS 3D transforms for native 3D in browsers that support the new CSS properties. Choose the flip effect to be triggered on hover or on mouse click, as well as the type of flip effect, direction, rotation angle and the depth of 3D perspective. Drag the images all over the screen, add description on the back and more.

Spa Hotel Showcase

For this showcase we used our DMXzone Nivo Slider extension to create an image slider with different transitions effects. Below we have four images that show some parts of the hotel. With the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery we made them flip on click and we added description on the back.


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