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The new year has just started, but we are firing on all cylinders and working hard on our first extension for this year - the HTML5 Parallax Slider. With it you can present your content in a stylish slides and create stunning 3D illusion by adding multiple elements in every slide. Make sure to check out the demos and get a better idea what you can accomplish. Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

The Story


  • Real Estate Search Form Showcase - For this showcase we made a simple page to show some real estate properties for sale. Below we added the DMXzone Ajax Form which is used to show different search results. To refine the search, inside our form we have a DMXzone Slider, through it you can specify your requirements. When you are done click on the Search Properties button and the  DMXzone Ajax Form will show the results that match your requirements.
  • HTML5 Parallax Slider Preview Showcase - For this showcase we added 3 slides to our HTML5 Parallax Slider with different content. The first one contains images and text, the second one - only a background image and the third - a few images image.
  • Winter Shop Showcase - For this showcase we added 3 text links, which navigate each of the HTML5 Parallax Slider slides to the corresponding category in the shop. It's easily done through the Behavior connector.

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