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This week we released a brand new addition to our Dreamweaver collection, the HTML5 Parallax Slider. With it you can divide your content into different slides and add multiple elements in each one, creating an effective 3D depth illusion. You can put anything inside your slider - from simple text and images to URLs and HTML tags. Pick up one of 7 CSS based designs, choose the duration, set how the slides change - vertically or horizontally and more. Make sure to check out the demos and videos we made for you. Until next Wednesday you can purchase the HTML5 Parallax Slider with €10/$13 cheaper. Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

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Showcases & Videos

  • Parallax Sliding Wines Showcase - For this showcase we made a simple page to present variety of wines. With the help of our HTML5 Parallax Slider, we created a container with three different slides. In every slide we have three elements - two images and a text. With the Z-index we set the appearance in the following order - first the image with the wine, next the text and finally a glass of wine. Finally we made the slides to slide vertically.
  • Balloon Festival Showcase - For this showcase we added 3 slides with a few elements. Each of them has customized transition in order to simulate a 3D effect along with the other elements in the slide.
  • Design Studio Home Page Showcase - For this showcase we designed four slides with background images and numerous elements that slide with different time delay in order to create awesome 3D depth effects. The HTML5 Parallax Slider is wrapped up in the Ebony design, which is one of the predefined ones in the extension.
  • Snowmobiles Showcase - For this showcase we made e simple page to introduce our products. With the help of our HTML5 Parallax Slider extensions, we were able to create four slides. In every slide we have an image and four text elements. To arrange the appearance of each element the speed and the transition delay are customized.


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