Make Your Product Presentation More Interactive

January 14, 2013

Keep the attention of the users by making your content more interactive

When you are introducing your products, it's not enough to have a great looking image of your product, you need to make the presentation pop-up in your customers eyes. In today's showcase we achieved that, by making our page more interactive with the HTML5 Parallax Slider. With it we were able to adjust the speed for our image and elements, creating better visual impact on the users.

For a few more days you can get the HTML5 Parallax Slider on a special price and save €10/$13.

The Story

Cocktails Showcase

For this showcase we made a simple interactive page for our products, using the HTML5 Parallax Slider. It contains three slides for each cocktail recipe with an image and text for the ingredients. The image and text elements are controlled by the Z-index, which gives them different speed and position of appearance (foreground/background).




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