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Just before the weekend starts, here is a recap of this week. Our HTML5 MP3 Player got updated. With this new version we improved the compatibility with our latest extension the HTML5 Parallax Slider, IE10, Windows 8 and more. We also created two new collections for you the HTML5 Designer Collection and the HTML5 Media Collection which include some of our best HTML5 and CSS3 driven tools. Make sure to check out the showcases we made for you. Until next Wednesday you can purchase the HTML5 MP3 Player on special price and save €10/$13. Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

The Story

DMXzone Releases

  • HTML5 Designer Collection - This pack includes 10 amazing DMXzone extensions which relay on HTML5 and CSS3 to help you build stunning webpage.
  • HTML5 Media Collection - Four awesome extension combined into a collection to help you organize your media in the best possible way.

DMXzone Update


  • Cocktails Showcase - For this showcase we made a simple interactive page for our products, using the HTML5 Parallax Slider. It contains three slides for each cocktail recipe with an image and text for the ingredients. The image and text elements are controlled by the Z-index, which gives them different speed and position of appearance (foreground/background).
  • Snowmobiles Showcase - For this showcase we made e simple page to introduce our products. With the help of our HTML5 Parallax Slider extensions, we were able to create four slides. In every slide we have an image and four text elements. To arrange the appearance of each element the speed and the transition delay are customized. Also we added an HTML5 MP3 Player, which is hidden through the CSS and plays a sound effect when the slide changes.


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