Present Your Products with Style with Our Lastest Collection
January 22, 2013 by Ivo Rangelov

Today we have another fantastic collection for you called HTML5 Presentation Collection. It includes five DMXzone extensions which will help you create great looking and sounding presentations for your products. You can add different sound effects or whole songs, give more depth to your sliding container and add description for your presentation. This collection takes advantage full advantage of the HTML5 and CSS3 so you can view your pages on any desktop browser or mobile device.

The Story

Snowmobiles Showcase

For this showcase we made e simple page to introduce our products. With the help of our HTML5 Parallax Slider extensions, we were able to create four slides. In every slide we have an image and four text elements. To arrange the appearance of each element the speed and the transition delay are customized. Also we added an HTML5 MP3 Player, which is hidden through the CSS and plays a sound effect when the slide changes.


HTML5 Presentation Collection
Collections – Make stunning presentations, add sound and amazing effects, shadows and headlines to them

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