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HTML5 Video Player Comes Stronger

January 30, 2013

Greater HTML5 experience with the latest HTML5 Video Player

A well executed video can tell more than any picture or text. With the HTML5 Video Player you can easily implement videos to your webpage and now we have a new version for our extension. The update includes improved video playback on older IE browsers, many other minor improvements and browser compatibility and more. You can check the complete list below. The HTML5 Video Player is also featured in our latest design kit - the Facebook Video Presentation Design Kit.

The Story

Movie Trailers Showcase

For this showcase we made a simple page and added four video trailers with our HTML5 Video Player. The videos are embeded from Youtube.


What's New in HTML5 Video Player 1.0.5

  • Improved video playback on older IE browsers
  • Improved styling of all video player themes
  • Many other minor improvements and browser compatibility



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