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This week we released the DMXzone Uniform extension. Apply it on any form element on your page to style your forms, giving them the same awesome look in any browser. Choose one of the three predefined designs or just make your own through the CSS and more. The DMXzone Uniform is one of the 4 extensions packed in the Portfolio Design Kit along with a template. A perfect solution for creating stylish webpages, offering different services and present a portfolio with them. Make sure to check out the showcases and the videos. Now the DMXzone Uniform and the Portfolio Design Template are on sale with €10/$13 cheaper. Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

The Story

DMXzone Release

  • Portfolio Design Kit and Template - Create nice looking pages, showcasing services and the portfolio of your customers. The kit combines 4 DMXzone extensions and a template.

Showcases & Videos

  • Uniform Showcase - For this showcase we made a simple page and added a form which is styled with the Aristo design. Thanks to the DMXzone Uniform, you can be sure that the form's design will remain the same on every browser.

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