DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler Features Unveiled

March 4, 2013

Use All the LESS CSS Powers Directly in Dreamweaver

LESS is the language that can speed up your development process significantly! And to make it even quicker, we developed the DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler that does it in a mouse click time, directly in Dreamweaver! It's extremely powerful and lets you use variables, mixins, nested rules and even functions within your CSS. In today's article we unveiled all those amazing features that are packed in this awesome Dreamweaver tool.

Update: DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler is now available for download!

The Story

Great Dreamweaver Integration

  • Full color coding
  • Full CSS hints support
  • Compile Less files directly on save

Use All the LESS CSS Powers Directly in Dreamweaver!

  • Variables - Variables allow you to specify widely used values in a single place, and then re-use them throughout the style sheet, making global changes as easy as changing one line of code. 

  • Mixins - A Mixin in LESS is basically a common group of CSS properties grouped into one, which can then be inserted into various other LESS selectors. You can think of it like a variable, with several different properties.

  • Nested Rules - Rather than constructing long selector names to specify inheritance, in Less you can simply nest selectors inside other selectors. This makes inheritance clear and style sheets shorter.

  • Functions & Operations - Operations let you add, subtract, divide and multiply property values and colors, giving you the power to create complex relationships between properties. Operations should only be performed within parentheses in order to ensure compatibility with CSS. Functions map one-to-one with JavaScript code, allowing you to manipulate values however you want.

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