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HTML5 Parallax Slider and Image Enhancer Join Forces

March 4, 2013

HTML5 shows off muscles in today's showcase

In today's showcase two of our most popular extensions - the HTML5 Parallax Slider and the HTML5 Image Enhancer - meet to join forces. The fist impression is very important so we created a Designer's webpage with some mind blowing elements, that can grab the attention of any visitor and make him/her a potential customer.

The Story

Design Studio Showcase

For this showcase we used two DMXzone extensions - the HTML5 Parallax Slider and the HTML5 Image Enhancer. With the first we made a slideshow with 3 slides and added different images and texts which are wrapped with the fancy design. The position of appearance and the speed is controlled through the Z-index. The pictures below are animated with the HTML5 Image Enhancer - hover is set to trigger the effects.



Mentioned Extensions


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