HTML5 Data Bindings Features Part 2 - Regions and Dynamic Data Bindings

June 24, 2013

jQuery template engine, regions, and dynamic data bindings

In the second part of our features series you can explore our stunning jQuery based template engine that powers the HTML5 Data Bindings to help you populate your data super fast on the page. Also you can see how easy it is to add any data binding fully visual in Dreamweaver by using the Smart Insert Panel. Additionally, you can add smart repeat regions, detail regions, nested repeat regions and even repeat regions within a detail region. These and many more amazing features you can check out in the list below. Stay tuned for the official release of these extremely helpful Dreamweaver tool that is coming tomorrow on DMXzone!

Make sure to check out also our first part where we showed the public and custom feeds, along with the DMXzone Behavior Connector!

Update: DMXzone Data Bindings has been released and is already available for free download

The Story

  • Super fast jQuery based Template Engine included - You want your page to be populated with the data as it arrives and you want that to happen fast. This is why the DMXzone team worked  hard to make a lighting fast template engine that powers the HTML5 Data Bindings!
  • Add any Data Binding fully visual in Dreamweaver - Just select the data from the HTML5 Data Binding Floating Panel use the Smart Insert Panel . You will see a nice curly braced notation as placeholder for your data with the full data path in it.

  • Inspect easily any dynamic data binding inserted - As you select a highlighted data binding on your page in Dreamweaver Design view - the associated data element is automatically selected in the Data Bindings tree view!

  • Add Smart Repeat Regions  - Is your data repeatable? Then you can create directly a repeat region that repeats as many time as there are records available. Just select the repeating element from the HTML5 Data Bindings list and choose to insert Repeat Region or Repeat Children.

  • Detail Regions - Do you want to display detailed data in a separate view, next to your repeat region list? Then just choose to make a detailed region from the same repeating element in your HTML5 Data Bindings list. You can control which record is displayed in the Detail Region by the special Control HTML5 Data Bindings behavior to select the Active Record.

  • Support for Nested Repeat Regions - As your data can be structured in various hierarchical levels, you want to be able to nest your repeat regions. That is fully possible with the HTML5 Data Bindings! You can have another child repeat region within a main repeat region and go as deep as you wish.

  • Support for Repeat Regions within a Detail Region - You can can also have as much Repeat Regions as you want within a Detail Region to show related data. Those can be nested also.

  • Fully jQuery based - The template engine, as well the AJAX fetching of the data are fully jQuery powered, so naturally lighting fast and cross browser compatible.
  • Support for hierarchical datasets - The HTML5 Data Sources that you bind to, can return any data that is well formatted in JSON and can be with any hierarchical structure you want.

  • Smart Insert Panel - depending on your selection of the nodes in your HTML5 Data Bindings tree and your page selection you get automatically the right controls to insert or bind data! When you selected a repeating element in your feed tree, you can choose to insert a repeat or detail region, when you select a regular node you can select to insert its value as text binding or as a ready to go image element, but if you have already selected an element on your page you can bind to any of its attributes!

  • Select active record control behavior - Add a behavior to the chosen element in order to select the active item, which will be displayed in the detailed region.

  • Refresh data control behavior - If you have a search field that you want to use as a filter, once it gets a new value typed in, it refreshes the data automatically.

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