DMXzone Extensions Roadmap 2014

November 18, 2013

A list of DMXzone upcoming extensions

As we're getting closer to the end of the year, we decided to give you a sneak preview of what to expect from the DMXzone in 2014. We have an amazing list of extensions, which we're already working on to extend your Database Connectivity capabilities and also a bunch of design extension as well as new version of our most popular galleries and slideshows that will come with data bindings support. So if you're curious what we have prepared for you check out the long list below with the details.

DMXzone Extensions Roadmap 2015 is already available!

The Story

Database Connectivity Extensions

To enhance and expand further the support for building Ajax database driven web sites, single pages and mobile apps, we will be releasing the following extensions in the near future:

HTML5 Data Bindings SEO PHP/ASP - already available

Search engines such as Google and Bing are excellent at indexing HTML but not so much when it comes to understanding JavaScript and crawling AJAX content. HMTL5 Data Bindings SEO PHP/ASP is exactly what you need to create AJAX Apps with searchable dynamic content, instantly. The extension contains a fast server side rendering engine that emulates the web browser behavior and renders all dynamic data fully on the server so it is available directly to all search engine crawlers. No need for static HTML snapshots of your site.

DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP - already available

Apply advance security restrictions to your website. Secure the access to your Database Sources and Database Actions fully! Now you can decide who has access to what resources on your web site or app. Choose from single static logins to validating users from an existing database and having users with different access levels and rights. Use your own login forms or the supplied Ajax login form for maximum effect!

HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter
- already available

Conditional Display and Formatting, Custom Date and Time Formatting, Advanced Data Filtering and Transformations are just a few of the hot features in the HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter extension! Get the power of the 47 supplied formatting filters and make your data fetched by HTML5 Data Bindings, display it exactly the way you want without writing a single line of code!

HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater - already available

HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater is the must have addition for HTML5 Data Bindings if you want to have full client side paging, sorting, custom start index on your repeaters and even custom repeaters! From the interactive user interface you can name your repeater, choose the type, enter the data source, select the start record and page and even give your page a size.

HTML5 Data Bindings Browser Properties - already available

Discover your visitor's browser properties and adjust your pages dynamically. Show different content based on browser resolution and language, special retina ready HD images or low resolution images for small devices and much more with the Browser Properties Add-on for HTML5 Data Bindings. The supplied data bindings contain rich information about the browser and device your visitor is using, so you can dynamically adjust your web site accordingly.

DMXzone Server Side Formatter

Format your data with supplied formatters, all server side before it is saved into a database. Use rich data transformation filters, date and time formatters, as well as enhanced encryption functions for maximum flexibility and secure data storage.

DMXzone Database Elements

Choose from ready to go components like form, table and paging generators that are powered by your database! The generators directly produce a full form or table based on your database table structure.

DMXzone Data Validator

Choose from many predefined validation rules like url, e-mail, dates, credit cards and ranges, apply conditional validation and even Ajax style inline validation! The validation errors and hints can be displayed in great tooltips and input masking can be applied. All fully customizable to your layout and needs! The user input is validated both client as well as server side - so there is no escape!

DMXzone Ajax File Upload

Allow advance file upload through Ajax, with Drag & Drop, multiple file upload and much more with the DMXzone Ajax Upload Dreamweaver extension! Completely integrated with the HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector and Updater you can do any file upload fully visual client side with amazing progress bars.

DMXzone Ajax Mailer

Send e-mails directly from your dynamic Ajax driven web page or single page app! Use the advanced DMXzone Ajax Mailer to send user notifications through e-mail completely integrated with HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector and Updater.

DMXzone Database Creator

Create your database structure like tables , keys and relations on the fly! Alter existing database structures and do data conversions if needed. You can also populate your database with initial data.

Optional Data Bindings Extensions

More Security Connector Add-ons

When you need more than just regular security to protect your site and you want to connect and authorize from various public providers you should seek for the following Security Provider Add-ons:

  • DMXzone Facebook Security Provider Add-on
  • DMXzone Google Security Provider Add-on
  • DMXzone Twitter Security Provider Add-on

Mobile Development

As you are doing more mobile developments with PhoneGap and building more advanced HTML5 based web apps, you will definitely need the upcoming WebSQL versions of the DMXzone Database Connector, Updater and Creator so you can fully access, update and create the local WebSQL (SQLite) Databases for your app.

  • DMXzone WebSQL Connector
  • DMXzone WebSQL Updater
  • DMXzone WebSQL Creator

Empowering Browser's Local Storage

Building more advanced No-SQL like databases for storing objects and various structures directly in the browser local storage object will be even more easier with the upcoming LocalStorage versions of the DMXzone Database Connector, Updater and Creator.

  • DMXzone LocalStorage Connector
  • DMXzone LocalStorage Updater
  • DMXzone LocalStorage Creator

DMXzone Design Extensions

Complete with the latest Bootstrap 3 support and rewritten from the ground up to support dynamic Ajax driven web sites and single pages apps build with HTML5 Data Bindings, DMXzone Database Connector and Updater is what the upcoming DMXzone Bootstrap 3 will provide.

DMXzone Galleries and Slideshows with Data Bindings Support

To complete and enhance the support for the new age Ajax driven web sites and single page and mobile apps all our major extensions will be updated and rewritten to include support for these latest technologies. Expect new major releases of the following well known extensions:

If you have any additional requests, do not hesitate to contact us via Live support, Facebook or you can always drop us an email: support[at]

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