Understanding Mobile-First Approach in Bootstrap 3

Learn the great advantages of mobile-fisrt approach

Without any doubt, the mobile-first approach is the core new feature in Bootstrap 3. What can be greater than having a responsive site by default? And with its 4 grids system it brings the extension to a completely new horizons and allows you to create different design for any of the supported devices. Most people still don't understand why is all the hype about the mobile-fist approach and today, together with Teodor Kuduschiev we'll show you why we love it and why it's the feature of websites design.

The Story

Advantages of Mobile-first Approach in DMXzone Bootstrap 3:

  • Fully visual and responsive smart design - With the DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Grid floating panel it's all fully visually done and no hand-coding is required for any action while you create your design. From the greatly useful floater you can choose all the options you need and in a mouse click they'll appear in the grid.

  • Fluid design by default - No more adaptive designs for a large number of devices and screen sizes, now they come fluid and you don't have to worry about upcoming screen sizes and resolutions. Your design will flow and look great on every device.

  • Design for small devices - With the mobile-first approach you can decide which is the most important part of the content that you want your users to see when browsing your website on small devices such as phones.

  • Progressive enhancement - With DMXzone Bootstrap 3 you can build your layout simultaneously for all four sizes and keep a constant eye on the process, directly in Dreamweaver. As the device size grows you can add additional content until you reach your desired desktop website layout.


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