HTML5 Data Bindings SEO Features Unveiled

HTML5 Data Bindings SEO Features in Detail

Just a day before the official release of HTML5 Data Bindings SEO Dreamweaver extension, we'll take a closer look at the features that our developers included in this useful tool. Among others it's supplied with full server side Ajax dynamic data rendering, the best SEO for the highest ranking, maximum rendering speed and full support for Google Ajax crawling standard. Check out the complete list of features in detail and stay tuned for its official appearance tomorrow!

The Story

Full Server Side Ajax dynamic data rendering

HTML5 Data Bindings SEO contains a fast server side rendering engine that emulates the web browser behavior and renders all dynamic data fully on the server so it is available directly to all search engine crawlers.

Works instantly

No need for special server installs, URL rewrites or complicated server installation! You just add the HTML5 Data Bindings SEO extension, to each page that you want to be indexed, upload it to your server and your are done.

The best SEO for highest ranking out of the box

No need for special setup, content cloaking or separate pages for crawling. With the HTML5 Data Bindings SEO extension you get the  advantages of the best SEO and the user interactivity of Ajax all at once!

Create Single Page, Ajax driven interactive web sites and apps

Without any page refresh, without worrying about search engine indexing

Full Support for the Google Ajax crawling standard

The HTML5 Data Bindings SEO extension offers out of the box full support for the Google Ajax Crawling standard, that is already adopted by Bing and Yahoo. This standard makes it possible to index Ajax driven, dynamic sites that are normally fully rendered in the web browser only.

No need for extra server components or headless browsers

Normally to achieve server side rendering of Ajax web sites, you need extra server components or headless browsers like PhantomJS installed on your server to render your pages server side. Not with the HTML5 Data Bindings SEO! We have your rendering all covered in high performance server side code that just runs directly on every server!

Maximum rendering speed

All data bindings feeds are rendered asynchronous when possible, for maximum rendering speed so that the search engine does not sees the difference in rendering speed as it renders just as in a web browser and sometimes even faster. This is important as Google ranks high performance sites better in search results

Latest PHP server technologies for the highest performance

The extension uses the latest PHP 5.3+ DOM Manipulation engine for rendering and Asynchronous Curl for data fetching so that the highest performance is achieved

Latest ASP server technologies for the highest performance

The extension uses the latest Classic ASP DOM Manipulation engine, based on the version Internet Explorer installed on the server, for rendering and Asynchronous http calls for data fetching so that the highest performance is achieved

No need for static HTML snapshots of your site

Normal Ajax rendering engines save static html snapshots of your site and serve them to Google. This is an extra process and your site can easily get out of date. Not with the HTML5 Data Bindings SEO extension! It makes your dynamic web sites directly available for real time indexing by Google with your latest data! So it is always up to date!

Use your user friendly URLs and/or query parameters

You can choose to your url rewrites, to produce user friendly urls, it will all still work with the HTML5 Data Bindings SEO no need for special setup.

Fully compatible with HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter

All the formats from HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter are done now server side so that their output can be directly served to the search engines.

Fully compatible with DMXzone Database Connector

When using the Database Connector to add database data to your HTML5 Data Bindings driven Ajax pages, your data is only also server side fetched and the dynamic pages are fully populated so they can be indexed fully by the search engines.

Full support for all HTML5 Data Bindings elements

With the HTML5 Data Bindings SEO extension all dynamic elements like, repeat regions, detail regions, selected items are fully rendered dynamically server side so they can be easily served for indexing by the search engines.

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