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It's Monday and as you already know, it's time to unveil the features that are packed in our upcoming HTML5 Animate CSS tool. The extension is based on rock solid Animate.css by Dan Eden, which is a popular CSS animation library used by prolific websites and organizations such as EA Games, Foursquare, and Disney. With its 35 transition effects to choose from, you can animate any page element and even create scrollable pages where elements dynamically appear when they become partially visible. Check out the full list of features below and stay tuned for another awesome showcase with HTML5 Animate CSS coming in a bit!

The Story

Features in Detail

  • Virtually animate any page element - Use a wide range of cross-browser animations to use in your projects. 

  • 35 transition effects to choose from - The extension features a set of 35 animations to you on your page.

  • Amazing animations on page scroll - Now you can specify that animations should run when a specific elements becomes visible. With this cool new feature you can create amazing live animated, scrollable pages where elements dynamically appear when they become partially visible.

  • Full integration with HTML5 Data Bindings for fantastic presentation of rich, dynamic web sites and apps
    • Animate repeat regions 

    • Animate conditional and detail regions from HTML5 Data Bindings  

    • Animate div containers 

    • Animate dynamic data regions 
  • Full support for list/repeat regions animations - Now you can specify the animation order of the children of Repeat Regions to achieve fantastic presentation. Let the children appear at the same time, random or reverse!

  • Use HTML5 and CSS3 for animations - All animations are driven by HTML5 tags and CSS3 transitions to allow fully cross browser support and maximum hardware acceleration.

  • Fully compatible with HTML5 Data Bindings and Add-ons - HTML4 Animate CSS can be used in conjunction with HTML5 data Bindings and other DMXzone extensions.

  • Awesome Dreamweaver integration - With the dedicated floating panel inspector for HTML5 Animate CSS, you can inspect and change the properties of any element to be animated. The panel can be nicely docked behind the regular property inspector so it is always available at your finger tips.

  • Full cross-browser support - Animate at the best with the latest browsers and degrade gracefully without any disturbance for the older browsers.

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