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Check out the navbar features included in Bootstrap 3 Navigation

In our first part of Features Unveiled we'll take a closer look of the general features and navbar features that our developers included in the upcoming DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation. This fantastic Dreamweaver extension comes with extensive visual management of your Bootstrap 3 Navigations and allows you to add and customize navs, navbars and dropdowns. The Navbar is a component that serves as navigation header for your application or website so check out below how awesome it looks and how to customize it.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow when we'll show you the navs and dropdowns features!

The Story

General Features

  • Extensive visual management of all your Bootstrap 3 Navigations - Add navs, navbars and dropdowns and manage their items.
  • Great visual rendering and management - All available directly in Dreamweaver Design View.

  • Fully responsive and customizable navigation - Make your navigation fully responsive for any mobile device or desktop browser. Customize it to fit and suit your website or app design from the many provided options.

  • Automatic "active" item selection - Based on the URL the navigation highlights the corresponding nav item. You can also do that onscroll for different sections of your website or app.
  • Full compatibility with DMXzone Font Awesome - Add any of the 369 icons included in DMXzone Font Awesome to enhance your navigation. 

  • Fully responsive floating panel inspector -  The floating panel can be docked on any side of your Dreamweaver and is fully responsive.


Navbar is a component that serves as navigation header for your application or website. It is fully responsive and customizable for your needs.

  • Style the navbar - Choose the position of your navbar on your page.

    • Fixed top - The top fixed navbar will always remain on top of your page and will overlay the content onscroll.
    • Fixed bottom - The bottom fixed navbar will always remain on the bottom of your page and will overlay the content onscroll
    • Static top - The top static navbar remains on top until you scroll down your page and it scrolls away with it.

  • Align the navbar - You can position your navbar either on the left or on the right side of your page. The default alignment spreads the navbar within the container width.

  • Inverse navbar - If you prefer dark skinned navbar, simply modify the look of it by checking the inverse checkbox.

  • Navbar elements - In your navbar you can add a header, collapse and nav.
    • Header - Add a header to label your website or app.

    • Collapse - Make your navbar collapsible when the site/app is viewed on mobile devices. 

    • Nav - Add menu items withing the navbar.

  • Navbar controls - Add forms and buttons within your navbar

    • Form - Add search form with helpful labels for your users.

    • Button -Add different buttons, for example sign in, by customizing the button text.


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