DMXzone Extension Manager to be Released!

The new generation Extension Manager is coming on Wednesday

Almost two weeks ago we promised you that we'll make installation of extension easier and now we're extremely proud to announce that in less then 24 hours a new generation extension manager will be available at your disposal. Meet DMXzone Extension Manager, the standalone tray app that will make your life easier! In a blink of an eye you'll be able to install, update and manage your extensions for any Dreamweaver version above DW8 on both Windows and Mac OSX. No more complicated installers with username/password and serial number. All you need to do is login and it's all done within a mouse click. Stay tuned for the official release of DMXzone Extension Manager tomorrow to see what else we included in this amazing application.

The Story

Features in Detail

  • Fully blown stand-alone app for the greatest experience - DMXzone Extension Manager runs as a tray app and you get automatically notified when an extension is updated.

  • Includes a special Windows and Mac OSX installer - Quickly and easily install the DMXzone Extension Manager on your computer.

  • Full support for all Dreamweaver versions - DMXzone Extension Manager supports any Dreamweaver version starting from Dreamweaver 8.

  • Full support for Windows and Mac OSX - DMXzone Extension Manager can be installed on any Windows XP+ version and Mac OSX.

  • Super fast installation of extensions - With a single click the extension is installed in the selected Dreamweaver version, without using your credentials and serial number anymore. 

  • Drag & Drop support - Just drag & drop your installation file(s) in the DMXzone Extension Manager and it will do the work.

  • Download and install multiple extensions - The DMXzone Extension Manager allows you to download and install extensions directly from DMXzone with awesome progress.

  • Automatic install of updates -You can install all available updates at once or just selected updates, it's up to you. 

  • Manage your extensions per Dreamweaver version - From the dropdown list select the Dreamweaver version you want to install, update or manage extensions on.

  • Preview your purchased extensions - You can view the list of extensions that you purchased and even see which ones are installed or not installed. Note that if you own an extensions subscription this tab will only preview previously purchased extensions. With a subscription all extensions are available for installation in the Explore tab.

  • Explore new and existing extensions - You will find all available extensions with purchase buttons that lead to the DMXzone. 
Non-Subscription owners preview

Subscription owners preview

  • Slick extension detail page - When you click on an extension it loads a detailed page with all the extension features and related extensions, manual and support links.

  • Sort the extensions by categories - You can sort the extensions by free, paid and also view extensions collections. 

  • Fast extensions search - If you know the name it's super quick to search for it. Just start typing in the name and search matches will start to appear in the tab.

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