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Nine reasons why you should install DMXzone Extension Manager

For the past 6 years DMXzone Updater has been inseparable part of our extensions, allowing you to keep track of the extensions updates. But it's time to draw a line and bring you something way more advanced, which offers more options and is based on advanced technologies. For everyone who still haven't tried our DMXzone Extension Manager for Dreamweaver tray app, below is a list of all the goodies and advantages in this new tool.

We're eager to find out what you think about the DMXzone Extension Manager so if you have any thoughts, suggestions or critics, please let us know by writing an email or drop us a line in the Support Forum.

The Story

  • DMXzone Extension Manager for Dreamweaver is free - First and foremost the tray app is free so all you need to do is download and install it.

  • No more complicated installers - All you need is your DMXzone account. Just sign in and the install/update is done automatically without serial numbers and login credentials. 

  • Install, update and manage all your Dreamweaver extensions and templates - Everything is done in the same app by a simple click.

  • Multiple installations and updates - You can install or update multiple extensions at the same time. We already tried with almost 100 and it works like a charm. 

  • Real-time notifications - Every time there's an update for an extension or template you'll receive a message to download it. 
  • Manage your extensions per Dreamweaver version - From the dropdown list select the Dreamweaver version you want to install, update or manage extensions on.

  • Explore new extensions and templates - All new extensions and templates are automatically added in the Explore section of the Extension Manager with quick overview and a button that leads to the product page.

  • Fast extensions search - If you know the name it's super quick to search for it. Just start typing in the name and search matches will start to appear in the tab.

  • More features coming soon - It's just the start as we'll continue to improve the DMXzone Extension Manager and add more and more features in it to save you precious time.

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