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July 18, 2014 by Lubov Cholakova

As usual on Friday it's time to summarize the content that we released during the past few days and pack it in a single list for your convenience. This week we started our annual summer updates and so far we have 15 extensions that feature the latest jQuery 1.11.1, improved compatibility with Dreamweaver CC 2014 and DMXzone Extension Manager. We also designed five amazing showcases to show you what you can accomplish with these great Dreamweaver tools so check them out below if you still haven't done it yet.

Don't forget about our Summer Sale, which gives you 20% discount on any DMXzone extension. Use DMXSUMMER14 in the promo code field in the shopping cart.

Blog Posts

Icons, CSS Animations and Feed Ticker

Check out what's new in Font Awesome, Animate CSS and Feed Ticker

Ajax Driven Forms, Responsive Text and Rich Type Notifications

Ajax Form, Responsive Text and Notify Updates

Updated: Parallax Slider, Nivo Slider and HTML5 Image Enhancer

Check out what's new in our next selection of updates

More Improved DMXzone Extensions

DMXzone Supersized, HTML5 Slideshow and HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery Updated

Annual Summer Improvements Start Today

Check out whats new in DMXzone Accordion, DMXzone Tabs and Sliding Panels

Mentioned Extensions
HTML5 Animate CSS
Design – Just-add-water CSS animations
DMXzone Supersized 2
Photo & Video – Amazing fullscreen background slideshows
HTML5 Image Enhancer
Photo & Video – Stunning Real-time Animation Effects, Gradients, Image Filters and Transitions!
HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery 2
Photo & Video – Custom, polaroid-like stunning galleries
DMXzone Responsive Text
Design – Make your text responsive for any device and desktop browser

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