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Get All Extensions Access Yearly and 2 Years Subscription with Discount

Just before our DMXzone Summer Sale is over we've decided to include our All Extensions Access Yearly and 2 Years subscriptions. If you're tired of purchasing extensions why not get an access to over 100 high-quality extensions and templates instantly? Until next Wednesday you'll have the exclusive opportunity to buy each one of the subscriptions with 20% discount. Note that if you already own a subscription by purchasing a new one you can not extend your current by one or two years, you're simply purchasing a second one!

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Why You Should Get an Extensions Subscription?

  1. Save money, lots of money - DMXzone is hosting over 106 commercial extensions and templates, worth over 4500€/$6000. No matter which one you choose - a monthly, yearly or 2 years subscription, you automatically get access to all of them for the period of the subscription.

  2. Stay current with immediate access to the latest extensions and templates releases - As long as you have a valid extensions subscription you can download any new extension and template that we release.

  3. Use the extensions and templates on multiple projects - There's no limitation to the websites that you'll create using DMXzone extensions and templates. You can create as many as you want.

  4. Automatic renewal scheduling - You don't need to worry about your payments when the subscription is about to expire. Until cancelled manually through your PayPal account it gets automatically renewed.

  5. Fully functional websites after subscription expiration - All website created with the extensions and templates remain fully functional after the subscription expires.

  6. Unlimited technical support - You get full technical support, from our top qualified specialists, via Live Chat, support forums or email without any additional charges.

  7. One serial number to rule them all - All you need to install any extension or template is the subscription serial number. No more searching for serial numbers in your DMXzone account!

  8. One time checkout process - With the extensions subscription you don't have to go through the checkout process every time we release a new extension or template. Simply download it from its product page and install it in your Dreamweaver and voilà!

  9. Latest extensions and templates updates  - Even if you decide to install all DMXzone extensions and templates in your Dreamweaver, you can keep track for the latest versions directly in your Dreamweaver with the DMXzone Extension Manager. Once a new version is available you'll will be notified immediately.

  10. Save time, precious time - With an access to all our high-quality Dreamweaver extensions and templates you will save time and reduce the required coding of websites to minimum. The user-friendly extensions user interfaces will do the job for you!

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