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November 3, 2015

Check out the features included in the extension

We’ve heard from our users that creating forms online can be very time consuming. So we decided to give you a hand. In less than 24 hours we'll release the next addition to the Bootstrap 3 extensions - DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer. With this extension you can create several  kind of forms with just a few mouse clicks.

The Story

General Features

The DMXzone Bootstrap Forms Designer is supplied with tons of features, which will help you create amazing forms for your website or application. Each form is fully responsive and customizable. We've made a list of powerful features, so you can see what this latest extension contains.

Create amazing Bootstrap 3 based forms - Use the infinite powers of Bootstrap 3 to create stunning forms and improve the users' experience on your website or application.

Awesome CSS Styling beyond the default Bootstrap 3 form styling - Now we have included even more ready to go styling for you, so your checkboxes, radios and file upload controls looks really amazing!


Easy to create forms - From the dedicated floating panel you can easily add the type of form you need for your page or application.

Great visual rendering - Follow the changes of your form fully visually in Dreamweaver Live View. Click the image for larger preview.

Full visual form creation - Just select what type of element you want to add to the form and it will be inserted as a well structured bootstrap form group at once! No need for writing all this HTML codes by hand!

Rearrange forms visually - You can select any form element and rearrange them fully visual by moving the whole group up or down.

Form Types

Choose between vertical, horizontal or inline form.The extension allows you to choose between one of the three major form types from the dedicated floating panel.

Vertical - In a vertical form, the labels are on top of each element.


Horizontal form - In a horizontal form, the labels are alongside of each element.

Inline - In an inline form, all of the elements are inline, left-aligned, and the labels are alongside.

Nested forms - You can always combine the different type of forms and create a combo, for example an inline form, nested within a vertical form.

Form Elements

Check out the included elements you can use to create various great forms for your website.

Input/Input group - The input element is a text-based input. If you want to add integrated text or buttons, before/after an input, you should use the input group element. For example, you can use input elements in a login form, where your users should add their username and password.
The available input types are: text, number email, URL, password, search, datetime, datetime local , date, month, time , week, telephone and color.
Select - If you need to add a dropdown with different options, the select element is the right one to use. For example, a dropdown with countries of origin in a registration form.
Textarea - The textarea element is suitable if your form needs a place where users can add additional notes.
Checkbox/ Checkbox group - Checkboxes are for selecting one or several options in a list. You can select only one but you can also select all of them.
Radio/Radio group -Radios are for selecting only one option from many available.
File - It allows you to add a file field to your form, where users can submit a number of files.
Static - When you need to place plain text next to a form label within a form.
Submit - Adds a submit button to your form.
Button - You can add any button to your form and customize it. For example, you can add login, cancel or other action button.
Addons for input group - Extend form controls by adding text or buttons before, after, or on both sides of any text-based input group.

Integration with Bootstrap 3, Elements and Font Awesome

Thanks to the great integration with Bootstrap 3, Element and Font Awesome you can use all their powers to improve and enhance your forms.

Great integration with DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and Elements - Create great-looking and fully responsive forms and add or customize any element easily with the help of DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 3 Elements.

Full compatibility with DMXzone Font Awesome - Use any of the 439 icons in DMXzone Font Awesome, available at your fingertips and include them in your forms. Each icon is stylable in color, size, shadow and anything that is possible through the CSS to match your design perfectly.

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