The Full Power of Bootstrap 3

November 11, 2015

An amazing collection of all Bootstrap 3 extensions and HTML5 Animate CSS

What could be better than a collection of super useful Dreamweaver extensions? Pretty much nothing, because it is all you need to  create responsive layouts, great navigation menus, pages' content, forms and top that with stunning animations and design themes. The collection is called the Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection and it will be even cheaper this week as the HTML5 Animate CSS is on sale.

In addition, we have some great improvements and new features included in the latest version of DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer.

The Story

What's New in DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer 3.5.1:

  • Added Bootstrap icon choice for file upload control styling
  • Auto generate form IDs
  • Checkbox and radio groups name can be changed at once in the Group Field Management inspector
  • Keep the same input names for checkbox and radio groups
  • Make the input name for checkbox group an array field
  • Added badge option for styling file upload with multiple on
  • Restyled file input properties inspector
  • Support for accept types for the file upload control so you can choose to allow all files or only images, audio or video files. The browser then will limit the selection if supported
  • Support for new type range
  • Multiple attribute can be enabled for range and email input types
  • Implemented option for setting the "multiple" attribute for allowing multiple file upload or multiple selections in select controls. When this option is set, automatically [] is added to the control name so it is treated as array of values.
  • Improved compatibility with DMXzone Server Connect


To create this awesome showcase below we used the full Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection. It features tools to create the responsive layout, the navigation menu, the page content and also the animated form. The animation is a fade in effect on 90% visibility, when you scroll down the page. And last but not least, everything is nicely styled with Bootswatch's paper theme.

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