It's HTML5 Form Validator Time!

March 2, 2016

It's been officialy released

It's time that you meet our 2016's precious, better known as the HTML5 Form Validator. Without any further due, we're extremely happy to announce that after really hard work it's been officially released and you can get it any time. We apologize for the delay but you'll see that it was worth the wait as we ended up adding 37 validation rules to choose from and making sure that you can even use your own regular expression rules. So that should be something, right?

Until next Wednesday you can get the HTML5 Form Validator with special release discount and even greater one if you already own the previous version! 

The Story

We also did a little bit of magic on the DMXzone Server Connect so below you can see what's new in its 1.1.3 version:

  • New error container option in Server Action Executor for displaying generic form validation or submissionerrors
  • New Behavior events for Server Action Executor:
      - onDataValidateError - fired when specific server action data validation fails. The special lastError.response data bindings can be used to display the error text
      - onFormValidationError - fired when any form validation fails
    Note: the generic onValidationError is always fired when validationerror occurs
  • Improved validationerror formatting when called with onValidationError with Behavior Connector
  • Fixed the "Export Validations to Form" button for the HTML5 Form Validator extension



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