Our Live Support Is Improved!

March 8, 2016

Our improved Live Support chat is now online


We always mention that we want to keep improving our services and today we implemented a very noticeable improvement to our website. We have our new Live Support online! Now don't worry there's not a big change in the way you use it, we just wanted to have something more innovative and user-friendly. To see how the new Live Support works, check out the information below. 

The Story

Replacing the red button  

Instead of the red button we had before, now we have a more noticeable button in the bottom right corner of our website. You can't miss it!

We are Online  

You first get a few really short and basic questions. This is useful for us so that we have enough information to help you out with your issue, so please make sure to fill in the question field as clear as possible. We have 2 departments. Technical Support is for your questions that need a more technical approach and Customer Service is for the more general questions about subjects such as sales, issues with the website, etc. 

Starting the conversation 

As soon as you click submit, there's a new screen where you wait for the operator to join the conversation. As soon as the operator joins, your conversation starts.

Thumbs up and down  

On the right side of your typing area you can see a thumbs up and a thumbs down. This is to rate the conversation with a +1 or a -1. We would of course be very happy with a thumbs up, but if you do want to choose for a thumbs down, please also share with us why you chose to give a -1. This way we can take this into account to improve.



On the left side of the chat screen, you can see 'options'. When you click here, you get a few options to choose from, which are already pretty clear. The change your name option is important for us if you haven't filled in your name correctly for example. It's useful for us to have your name so we can recognize you the next time you start a conversation. 

You can upload files into the chat by choosing 'Upload File' or by dragging your file and dropping it into the typing field. 


Minimizing, maximizing and ending the chat

On the top right corner of the chat screen you can see three icons. From left to right: Minimizing the conversation, expanding the chat screen and ending the chat. 


Away or Offline

If we're not online, you can just leave a message (like you did before) and we will get back to you via email. Or you could of course just try again later when the Live Support is online. Pretty much the same goes for when we're away. We will try to get to you as soon as possible, but if it's for example very busy and you don't really have time to wait, then either try again later or leave us a message. 

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