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July 18, 2016

Check out the features, included in DMXzone Data Importer

Like we promised on Friday, we're starting the week with insights about the upcoming DMXzone Data Importer and DMXzone Data Exporter. The first one we'll take a closer look is the DMXzone Data Importer, which lets you move vast amounts of data from one place to the other in an instant. It's highly useful if you want to update the data, for example, in a table with multiple records, or simply update your products on an e-commerce site, without any effort. So make sure to check out the features and stay tuned for the video preview tomorrow.


Migrate data instantly

Move data from one instance to another

Support for XML and CSV files

Import your data from an XML or CSV file

Import one or multiple records

Import your data for bulk updates

Support for other extensions

Extra integration with Database Connector, File Upload, Validator and Updater


Super-fast data import from Server Connect action steps

Due to the great integration in DMXzone Server Connect, the available import actions are to be found under the Server Connect action steps.

Import records in your database with Database Connector

Connect to your database with DMXzone Database Connector, import a CSV or XML file with one or multiple records, create a database repeater and add an insert.

Import your data from CSV or XML file

The extension supports importing data from Comma-Separated Values (CSV) or Extensible Markup Language (XML) files.

Validate your data with HTML5 Form Validator

Just before you import a CSV or XML file with data to your server, you can apply certain validation rules.

Upload your data with HTML5 File Upload

If you have a CSV or XML file with data that you want to upload to your server, it can be done super-fast with HTML5 File Upload.

Update records with DMXzone Database Updater

In case you need to update a single or multiple records in your database, you can use DMXzone Database Updater.

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