DMXzone Summer Sale Starts Now!

July 27, 2016

Get at least 30% off on our Server Side Solutions

It's time to give our annual DMXzone Summer Sale a start! What could be better than a handful of discounted Server Side extensions. Until next Tuesday you can get each extension from the Database Connectivity Collection PHP/ASP with at least 30% discount! Keep in mind that the multiple purchase discount also applies so the more you buy the greater the discount you get. Below, you will find the full list of discounted extensions. 

The Story

DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP

Access any well known database without any SQL and PHP/ASP knowledge in Dreamweaver! This is what the DMXzone Database Connector is all about! Fully integrated visual tools and server code generation are available at your disposal! The extension features a built-in connection wizard where you can define and manage your connections to all well known databases. Choose from ready to go connections for MySQL Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access and many others!

DMXzone Database Updater PHP/ASP

Perform Database Updating actions on any well-known database without any SQL and PHP/ASP knowledge! The DMXzone Database Updater PHP Dreamweaver extension gives you the power to manage the data in your databases in a whole new way through Ajax technology! You are submitting, saving and reloading your data without any page refresh! Perfect for building dynamic web sites and single page apps. Fully integrated visual tools and server code generation are available at your disposal! 

DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP

DMXzone Security Provider allows you to apply advanced security restrictions to your website or web app. Secure the access to your Database Sources and Database Actions build with DMXzone Database Connector and Database Updater fully! Decide who has access to what resources on your web site or app. Choose from single static logins to validate users from an existing database, having different access levels and rights.

DMXzone Action Scheduler 

Schedule any action or behaviors to get executed after a specific delay or repeatedly, whenever you want it to be triggered. Simply add the time delay for after the page is loaded and you're good to go. You can even schedule custom functions! Finally you can have your HTML5 Data Bindings driven dynamic site auto refresh as scheduled. Make those auto refreshing dashboards come true!

HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter

Conditional Display and Formatting, Custom Date and Time Formatting, Advanced Data Filtering and Transformations are just a few of the hot features in the HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter extension! Get the power of the 47 supplied formatting filters and make your data fetched by HTML5 Data Bindings, display it exactly the way you want without writing a single line of code!

HTML5 Data Bindings State Management

HTML5 Data Bindings State Management lets you to set URL parameter, which will navigate you instantly to where you came from in the first place. You can also choose to store some of the user and page state in cookies. In order to do that, set and remove cookie actions of the HTML5 Data Bindings State Management are what you need.

HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater

HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater is the must have addition for HTML5 Data Bindings if you want to have full client side paging, sorting, custom start index on your repeaters and even custom repeaters! From the interactive user interface you can name your repeater, choose the type, enter the data source, select the start record and page and even give your page a size.

HTML5 Data Bindings Browser Properties

Discover your visitors' browser properties and adjust your pages dynamically. Show different content based on browser resolution and language, special retina ready HD images or low resolution images for small devices and much more with the Browser Properties Add-on for HTML5 Data Bindings

HTML5 File Upload

The HTML5 File Upload offers advanced file upload through Ajax, multiple file upload, storing file info and client side image preview. It also allows you to upload single or multiple files. To make sure you can use the extension in the best way possible, we made it fully compatible with the DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and DMXzone Database Updater PHP/ASP. Thanks to this compatibility you can store your file names, type and size directly in your database.

DMXzone Image Processor

With this extension, you can perform a large number of manipulations and offer your users the best result possible. From resizing, watermarking and adding fantastic visual effects to adding different transformations, all can be done with just a few mouse clicks. You will never have to worry again about processing individual images, it can be done fully automatically. 

DMXzone Zip Processor

DMXzone Zip Processor is an amazing DMXzone Server Connect add-on to use for packing and unpacking files, with the industry standard ZIP compression, without writing a single line of code on your page. You can even compress folders, for the quickest backup, optionally with their subfolders. Additionally, use form fields to allow the users to select their own files to be compressed in a new zip file for direct download.

DMXzone Mailer 

DMXzone Mailer is the most advanced and easiest to use mailing service there is! It allows you to send personalized as well as emails to a large number of recipients in minutes. From simple text emails to HTML ones or even from a dynamic source, it’s all possible. The extension comes with a great code and design preview of your email and you can even add attachments for the best user experience.

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