Support for ASP.NET in Dreamweaver?

September 5, 2016

Coming soon to your DMXzone Server Connect


It's been 8 years since Adobe decided to deprecate its support for ASP.Net in Dreamweaver but we think that it's time to bring it back for the sake of everyone that is still using it to date. Our developers are working day and night to implement it in our DMXzone Server Connect so we're happy to announce that it will happen very, very soon. Also we'll develop ASP.Net versions of our server connect tools so you can do everything that is now possible with PHP and ASP.

The Story

Advantages of the ASP.Net Framework


The .NET framework gives an exceptionally secure environment. It utilizes different security components for keeping the application ensured. It has worked in Windows confirmation, which can be utilized to make secure and safe applications.

Stability & Scalability

The .NET system gives more stability and scalability than its programming partners. For instance, an object interface offers a guide to reuse the items in more up to date programming; this additionally offers all of you the details you want to change the objects without influencing alternate codes. It makes it easy to change the code with newer technology and faster algorithms.

Fast Deployment

Microsoft .NET applications can be effortlessly sent on any Microsoft server. The structure encourages one-time setup creation to convey applications quicker.


ASP.Net Core is faster in development and deployment because it works on a file system. When you make some changes, in the background internally the compilation processes are going on and also update the running application. So, there is no need to make the browser refresh.

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